Tax Preparation Kirkland WA

Maximize Your Earnings, Minimize Your Stress: Why settle for anything less than keeping more of your hard-earned money? With our flat-rate tax preparation services, you bid farewell to leaving an interest-free loan with the IRS. We’re here to revolutionize your tax experience.

Here’s what you gain:

  1. Financial Empowerment: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your taxes. We’re not just filing your returns; we’re demystifying the world of taxes, covering everything from side hustles to managing multiple businesses.
  2. Peace of Mind: No more Tax Day worries. Experience the tranquility of accurate tax filings, ensuring you can confidently sing “Hakuna Matata” on Tax Day.
  3. Tailored Support: Work with a tax preparer who’s got your back, no matter your situation. Our flat-rate tax preparation offers peace of mind and financial protection.

Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed; let us help you keep what you deserve. Choose flat-rate tax preparation for financial empowerment and stress-free tax seasons. Your earnings, your peace of mind—our priority.

Flat-Rate Tax Preparation Kirkland WA

Tax Return Preparation Services for Individuals, Trusts, and Estates

We know that tax time is probably not your favorite time of the year!  We want to make it as quick and pain-free as possible for you.  We can help you navigate the maze of forms, requirements, deadlines, and constantly changing tax laws so that you can be aware of the possible financial opportunities available to your circumstances.

No matter what kind of income you have – paycheck income from a job that issues a W-2, contract work with 1099s, social security income, rental income, business income, stock sales, interest and dividend income, unemployment compensation, income from partnerships, LLCs, or S-Corps, or any other type of income – we can help you determine how to account for it on your tax return.  We can help you take all of the deductions and credits you are eligible for, such as property taxes, medical expenses, charitable contributions, business expenses, retirement plan contributions, the new 20% business deduction for pass-through entities, child tax credits, and so many more.

There are many types of tax services for individuals:

  1. Tax preparation for individuals with a full-time paycheck job
  2. Tax preparation for retired individuals with social security income, retirement withdrawals and possibly other income
  3. Tax preparation for taxpayers with a contract job or who are sole proprietors of a small business.
  4. Tax preparation for dependent children who have income
  5. Tax preparation for estates
  6. Tax preparation for trusts

In any case, we can help you prepare and efile the correct forms and accompanying schedules based on your individual needs.

Tax Return Preparation Services for Businesses

Businesses can take many forms – sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, S Corporations, and C Corporations. The type of entity that your business is set up under will depend on the federal and state forms you need to complete to meet your tax requirements. LLCs are taxed in many ways, making it even more complex.

If your business was formed under the wrong entity type, you may be paying far more taxes than you need to. We can help you with an analysis of options so you can optimize your specific tax situation.

Federal and state tax return preparation is just the beginning for business tax needs. You may also have franchise tax, sales tax, payroll tax, and other industry-specific taxes and licenses that you need to keep up with. Managing all your tax deadlines can be a big job that distracts you from more important things you have to do to run your business.

We take pride in staying on top of tax deadlines for our clients so you don’t have to stress about them.  We can prepare and file the tax returns that are required for your business.  We’ll look hard for every deduction possible, discuss with you your options, and perform your tax compliance work accurately and on time.

Tax Return Preparation Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit tax-exempt organizations have annual IRS return requirements too. They may not need to pay taxes, but they do need to file an information return, the Form 990, with the IRS each year. Form 990 includes information on the nonprofit organization’s purpose, finances, and programs.

If your nonprofit needs help preparing and filing their Form 990, give us a call.

Tax Returns That Have Not Been Filed on Time

Are you late filing a tax return? Have you missed a few years and want to get caught up?

We can help you prepare and file prior year tax returns. If you have challenges with lost records, we can help you through the process. It’s easier than you may think. Sometimes all the worry you’ve built up during the time that you haven’t filed can be bigger in your mind than it is if you just get help now to get it done. Take the first step and call us.

When your return is late, there are two penalties: failure to pay and failure to file. These penalties only get larger the more time you wait. The best option is to get professional help to work out a payment plan with the IRS or the state. With tax professionals like us negotiating for you, it’s very common to get a portion of the amount due forgiven.

Tax Returns That Need to Be Amended

There are many reasons a tax return needs to be amended. There may have been an error made when it was originally filed. It could be that a tax law changed, and amending a return puts the taxpayer in a better position. In any case, if you need to amend a return for any reason, we can help you.

IRS Correspondence

If you receive a letter from the IRS, we can help you interpret what they need you to do next. The letter could be a standard routine notice or it could be something bigger like an audit. In either case, we’re here year-round to help.

Hiring a Tax Preparer

Not all tax preparers are the same. When you hire a tax preparer, make sure they:

  • Have obtained a current year PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number). Otherwise, they are ineligible to prepare your IRS returns.
  • Have attended continuing education tax courses in the last few months so they know the newest year’s rules.
  • Have a quality control process within their business so that your return will be checked for errors.
  • Can give you an estimated turnaround time of when your return will be filed. Please be patient with your preparer and remember that they have to do a year’s worth of work in the 10 or so weeks from February to April.
  • Can eFile your returns so that your refund, if any, will be returned faster.
  • Can guarantee accuracy based on the items you’ve provided your tax preparer.
  • Explain your return to you so that you understand what you are signing. You are ultimately responsible for your tax return, so you must understand it.

Feel free to ask us these questions, too! It’s important that you feel comfortable with the tax preparer you choose to work with.