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Our Clear Accounting Team

We’re passionate about what we do, and about empowering small business owners with the knowledge, clarity, and financial insight they need to achieve their business goals. Whatever accounting, tax, or financial management challenge you face, our accountants and seasoned financial experts will help you make sense of it and find a solution. If you want to bring your business to the next level we’ll help you identify the key dials to turn and levers to push to accelerate growth and increase profitability.

Wherever you are in your business cycle, we have your back.

Simone, the owner of Clear Profit 365, smiles. She wears a blue jacket over a magenta blouse. Her hair is short and golden blonde.
Simone F. Bachaud, President

Our Team Leader

Simone F. Bachaud, President / Consulting CFO / Tax Accountant

Meet Simone Bachaud, the driving force behind Clear Profit 365, Inc. As the Owner, Simone is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners by harnessing the transformative power of financial information to fuel profitability and growth.

Simone’s mission is to turn businesses from cash-eating monsters into efficient money-making machines. With an enduring passion for working with business owners, she is committed to guiding them to the next level of profitability and implementing effective systems.

Her love for working with CEOs shines through as she turns their aspirations into reality. Simone’s expertise and dedication make her a valuable partner for those looking to navigate the financial landscape and achieve sustainable business success. Join Simone on the journey to financial empowerment and business transformation with Clear Profit 365, Inc.

Notable Projects

While Simone specializes in professional services for law firms and the trades, her firm extends its services across a diverse range of industries. Some of her recent projects exemplify her hands-on commitment to client success:

  • Onboarding QuickBooks® Online: Implemented a seamless setup for an electric bike company, streamlining their financial processes.
  • Balance Sheet Correction: Assisted a physical therapy firm in correcting their balance sheet after obtaining financing, ensuring financial accuracy.
  • Invoicing Process Improvement: Collaborated with an HVAC company to enhance their invoicing processes, optimizing efficiency.
  • QuickBooks® Online Cleanup: Conducted a thorough cleanup for an esthetician using QuickBooks® Online, resulting in improved profitability.

Simone’s professional commitment is evident in her dedication to providing tangible results and creating substantial value for her clients. With a diverse range of experiences and a hands-on approach, she stands as a trusted advisor for businesses in search of financial optimization and process refinement. Simone’s expertise ensures that clients receive personalized and effective solutions to enhance their overall financial well-being and operational efficiency.

Education and Personal

Simone is a well-educated professional with a background in Organizational Management from Northwest University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Accounting and furthered her academic journey with a Master’s degree in Finance from Capella University.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Simone finds joy in spending quality time with her family, cherishing moments with her grandsons, and enjoying leisurely time with her Husband in their Tiki Bar. As a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, she loves to bake and has a particular fondness for exploring a variety of cuisines. In her downtime, Simone indulges in fantasy books like the Throne of Glass series, adding a touch of entertainment to her well-rounded lifestyle.